The Loop

Empty house

In a silent street

At a sun-bathed eerie afternoon.

A pen was capped;

A note was written;

Sealed at a table of wild, white roses.

A chair was pulled,

A rope was tied,

And beside the house an oak tree was waiting.

The leaves rustled,

The branches swayed;

The wind whispered a silent goodbye.

Then there’s a loop,

A tightening loop,

Sucking the breath of finality.

Now pours the rain,

To wash away the sin,

The only shelter of souls lost in desperation




One... two... three...

And a million more droplets fell.

It was the heaven's heavy surrender

but it was you who walked away.


One... two... three...

And a million shattered pieces

is what was left of my heart.

My soul is as heavy as the downpour

but it was as lonely as the rain.


One... two... three...

And a few more steps

on that cold, wet pavement

before you were gone.

You and the rain, you were much like the same-

cold and unstoppable.

But I stayed.

I waited.

You moved on.


One... two... three...

And a few more times I called out to you.

I called out in my prayers,

even looked for you in my dreams.

And every time it's raining,

I called out to the heavens.

Hoping my voice could be heard

above the pattering of the rain.


One... two... three...

And all the rainy days found me peering-

out the window and out the door-

unveiling a glassy curtain;

hoping I might find-

a shadow, a silhouette, a figure-

of the man I long to see.


One... two... three...

And I looked for you some more.

Trusting such faint recognition,

I trudged the dark and cold.

Between the cycle of slipping and falling,

I got back up.

with fear and uncertainty close at my heels,

I threaded the murky path.

Because you're much more important

than the pain...

Or the rain...

Even when ahead I see




One... two... three...

And I counted some more-

of days, months and years-

when the rain would be heavy

and the rushing water might lead you back to me.


One... two... three...

But maybe these tears would be the last.

The heavens might cry,

but soon enough it dries.

And though there might be some pain left,

and the clouds are threatening

 of another outpouring,

the load is light enough

to keep one smiling.


The rain is once more falling.


One... two... three...

Alas! a million more droplets fell.

And once again I looked out-