Goodbye Valentine

I couldn’t be bitter so I’d rather be sour: yesterday there was sadness in my happiest hour.

You spoke about the girl whom you wish one day you’d marry; you said you’d meet her soon and I thought, “wouldn’t that be scary?”

But you spoke so lovingly and I could see stars in your eyes; your voice was sincere; I know your words weren’t lies.

By your words I tried to picture out the girl of your standards while doing my best not to let down my guard.

She’s pretty and rich and wonderful all throughout. She’s a real beauty inside and out.

You talked for sometime but for the most part I wasn’t listening. All I could think about was I and the girl of your dreams.

For some mysterious reasons I was comparing myself with her and it’s weird but I felt real sad for knowing I am the opposite of her.

I may be pretty but not beautiful enough. I might be good but I know I would never be good enough.

I told myself not to count what I lack but it’s the reason we can’t be’ that is the fact.

I might be a good actress for there wasn’t any teardrop that fell though what misery I was suffering, you can never tell.

It was such a great effort to look at you straightly and to show all the people there that I was listening affectionately.

You were a murderer but it was by no means your mistake: I was the one to allow my own heart to break.

I didn’t know when was the time I started to care, the time I felt awkward; the time I couldn’t stare.

These changes just happened one day in our friendship. You gave me signals I would wrongly interpret.

I believe your efforts were because we’re just friends but you made me feel special; that I couldn’t comprehend.

You took extra time for me and showed me that you care; you drew me a promising dream which you now colored with a nightmare.

It was such a rare occasion that I appreciated someone more than I should and how unfortunate it is that what was reciprocated was a wound.

The little hope for an us was now dying slowly…slowly…slowly… the irony of us being friends instantly.

I was once again a fool for thinking I could read between the lines because sometimes it could mean anything and sometimes it could mean none.

Now I was rebuilding my wall while you drew us a line. You gave me a smile and I silently bid you goodbye.

The show was over and I had to move on. Sometimes love is freedom but this time it was a prison.

Maybe it was really meant for me to be caged because the knight meant for me was the one who’ll help me escape.

Or maybe love is hard for cupids that’s why cupids shouldn’t fall in love: they were always the giver, never the taker.

Regardless, thank you for making me smile. I know this heart would heal in a while.

Go for the one you know you truly love. I’d be happy to know that you’re happy by her side.

I’ll smile because you’re happy; I’ll smile because I’m sad.

I’ll smile because we’re already a step closer to our one perfect love.


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