Dear Mr. Editor

I wonder-

what do you have to say about tears?

Sworn to your principle and reason,

in words you prosper.

Yet, young man I know

words are but the irony

which mask a soul in ambiguity.

Deep down inside

there is a person vaguely defined.

You play with wit and play it well,

thinking perhaps to the real you

no one would care.

In retrospect, you might be right-

you never fail to put everyone in awe.

But if for humanity

a genius would suffice,

I’d rather unravel the person behind the show.

Who are you Mr. Complexity?

It’s the first time I felt

this kind of curiosity.

I’ve met you upon reading between the lines

and I got the feeling of an unspoken understanding.

Could stranger hearts yield to intimacy?

Because oddly enough, my heart was drawn to where it shouldn’t be.


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